Hyundai CES - Procedural Avatars with Realtime MoCap

An early experiment with procedural avatars created and animated in realtime using motion capture.  We build this system for Hyundai's CES show in early 2022.  As visitors entered our LED volume, they were scanned and then given a unique digital alter ego.  Inside, they could interact and speak live with their newly created character.  The avatars were designed procedurally using a kit of parts from designs by the brilliant Michaela Schie├čl at Pepparstudio.  Colors and textures were created live using procedural noise patterns and a color harmony system.

Behind the scenes two motion capture artists performed the avatars in realtime, talking and playing with the realworld guests.  At the end of each experience, the guests were invited to take a selfie with their avatars which they could collect in printed form as they left.