About Will MacNeil

Hi, I'm Will MacNeil and I'm a filmmaker and digital artist currently working as a Design Director at The Mill in London.  I design, direct and lead a broad range of projects from good old-fashioned TV to online, games, interactive and experiential.  Last year I even designed a pair of shoes! I jump between leading teams of artists and doing things as a lone gun.   I also talk (at conferences) a lot.  Recent ones include the mainstage at OFFF Barcelona, Us By Night, OFFF in Kyiv and events in Russia and Japan.  I also like to experiment with digital tools whenever I can.  One of my recent personal projects, called Stroke-it, is an oil painting tool that works inside Houdini.

For Software, I use Houdini, Cinema 4D, Redshift, Arnold and zBrush.

Please feel free to get in touch.