About Will MacNeil

Hi, I'm Will MacNeil and I'm a filmmaker and digital artist working as CG Design Director at The Mill in London. 

I started out in independent British Film, where I worked as an Assistant Editor on Feature Films such as Billy Elliot and Gosford Park.  I eventually became an editor and cut factual programs for the BBC, Channel 4 and Five.  My interest in independent film making also led me to work with Apple Computer as a consultant on their editing software, Final Cut Pro. 

Then I turned my sights on animation. I was an early adopter of Cinema 4D and proponent of using 3D animation in Motion Graphics. I designed and directed sequences for flagship BBC series such as Child of our Time and History of Ancient Britain and the BAFTA-winning Channel 4 series School of Hard Knocks. At the same time, some of my self-initiated projects were getting noticed. My ideas for Liberty Human Rights and Amnesty International were picked up and I adapted them into national web and cinema campaigns. 

I have worked in many of London's motion design houses including Foreign Office Design, Jellyfish and MPC. While at MPC, I designed and led the award-winning Sky Star Wars Channel promo. 

At The Mill, I've designed and run several of the design department's recent projects including Lush Spa Experiment, Sony Play Station - Power up your play, Vue - Not a cinema, and I was the design lead on the recent Huawei M10 film. 

I regularly speak at design and animation conferences around the world such as CGEvent in Moscow, CGWorld in Tokyo and FMX in Stuttgart. Soon I'll be speaking on behalf of Maxon at Us by Night in Antwerp.  I also run a Slack group called Motionistas.

For Software, I use Cinema 4D, Arnold Render, Houdini, and After Effects.

Please feel free to get in touch.